Brixworth Farming’s Environmental Policy

As land managers and agricultural contractors, Brixworth Farming takes responsibility for protecting and enhancing the natural and working environment in which it operates seriously. To achieve this we seek to influence and gain the support of our staff, our customers and the public. It is intended that this Environmental Policy is integrated into all aspects of our business.


It is our policy (where we are able) to:

  • carry out effective resource management, recognising the importance of soil, water and air as habitats for fauna and flora and as growing media;
  • minimise the risk of pollution to soil, water and air by use of environmental risk assessments, greenhouse gas mitigation, best practice and trained operators;
  • develop and use integrated farm management practices and techniques to achieve economically viable but sustainable farming while minimising environmental damage;
  • conserve energy by use of well maintained energy efficient machinery, planned work activity and minimising journeys;
  • consider environmental impacts when purchasing new equipment
  • optimise water efficiency;
  • minimise the amount of waste products by careful selection of raw materials, re-using or recycling;
  • reduce our carbon footprint;
  • create and maintain a healthy and safe working environment through training, and engaging with staff and the public;
  • respect, protect and create natural habitats, particularly for endangered and declining species through stewardship of the countryside;
  • consider the value of the ecosystem that supports our business and the cost to the business if those ecosystems were to disappear
  • conserve, protect and enhance the landscape
  • control and avoid the invasion of invasive species

Where we do not have the authority to carry out the above we will try to influence those that do. Where we recognise that we are deficient in achieving the above we shall seek training or assistance from others.

Brixworth Farming will seek to demonstrate a commitment to best practice by conforming to all relevant national and international legislation and industry environmental standards. The Company will work closely with the Environment Agency, the Local Water Authority, Campaign for the Farmed Environment, the Voluntary Initiative, Catchment Sensitive Farming, LEAF and other relevant organisations or initiatives to ensure that it also demonstrates good countryside stewardship while operating a sound commercial business that achieves the highest standards of food production.

In order to deliver these environmental objectives Brixworth Farming looks for the support, help and co-operation of all people and businesses involved in its activities.

This policy forms part of our LEAF Sustainable Review and is linked to our Landscape and Nature Conservation and Enhancement Plan and will be reviewed annually with the aim to continually improve.