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Through the following aspects of environmental management, we aim to maximise output while protecting the natural environment.

Environmental schemes

Brixworth Farming was founded as a solution to increasing costs and poor returns from arable farming. It’s purpose was to reduce the cost of production for the shareholders and crop pool members whilst allowing these businesses to focus on other opportunities to generate revenue.

Since then the agricultural landscape has changed and with it the purpose of Brixworth Farming. The business is now very much a land management operation, which still aims to reduce the cost of production for the arable land, but now also helps to maximise the returns to its customers through stewardship schemes such as mid-tier and higher-tier.

Working closely with its customers the business is well placed to capitalise on the changing environmental requirements as we transition to ELMS, initially through the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI).

Brixworth Farming is also well placed to help deliver environmental solutions for private industry as the attention turns to carbon and biodiversity improvements with a view to achieving Net Zero, with access to both a large land base and numerous likeminded farming businesses.

Brixworth Farming is a LEAF Marque certified business

All of our shareholders participate in either Mid-Tier, or Higher-Tier agri-environment schemes that provide funding for farmers to deliver effective environmental management. 

Nutrient management

We manage nutrient levels carefully to avoid over-application, mapping fields for phosphate and potash every four years through SOYL’s precision sampling. We target biennial applications to areas with the highest demand, helping to reduce the amount of phosphate and potash applied.

We use the Yara N-Sensor to variably apply nitrogen to the crop according to its requirement. This helps to maximise nitrogen use efficiency at the same time as minimising the environmental impact from excess applications and helping to improve yields.


It is clear that the marketplace for carbon, whilst in its infancy at the moment, is clearly gaining momentum as businesses look towards achieving Net Zero.

Brixworth Farming has been working to understand its carbon footprint for arable production and has been trialling options for improving carbon sequestration. This will not only be beneficial for the wider environment, but also an opportunity to help capture funding to mitigate the loss of BPS payments as they begin to fade out.

Pesticide applications

Agro-chemical applications are necessary to protect plants and optimise crop performance. The Brixworth Farming agronomy team is fully BASIS and FACTS qualified to provide accurate recommendations as and when required, avoiding unnecessary prophylactic applications.

We use sprayers that are equipped with auto section cut-off, linked to GPS, to close off sections of the boom in areas of the field that have already been sprayed. This helps to reduce the amount of each field that is over-sprayed, helping to reduce the amount of pesticides used.