Arable Contracting

As a team of experienced farmers and farm managers, we offer a range of arable contracting services from specific operations to stubble-to-stubble packages or whole farm management.


We operate precision farming techniques to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and our services include:

Tillage and cultivation

  • Shallow cultivation (50mm depth) for stale seedbeds for blackgrass control, using a Vaderstad carrier CR925
  • Non-inversion tillage for cereals using a 6m Sumo Trio or a 6m Simba Solo ST
  • Cereal drilling using an 8m Vaderstad Rapid Drill with vari-rate seed capability
  • Oilseeds establishment with 6m Sumo Trio, with the ability to apply liquid fertiliser and slug pellets during the same operation
  • Bean drilling using an 8m Horsch CO8
  • Mole ploughing


Fertiliser application

  • Variable rate fertiliser and lime application to target areas of low nutrient status or pH within fields
  • Variable nitrogen applications according to crop requirement using the Yara N-Sensor, which increases yields by 3.5% on average and reduces lodging


Crop spraying

  • GPS guided crop spraying using Bateman sprayers equipped with boom auto section cut off to avoid over-spraying



  • Crop harvesting using two CLAAS Lexion 780 combines with 10.5m headers – these high capacity machines enable us to bring in the harvest quickly and efficiently
  • Crop collection using chaser bins to allow continuous operation and to transport grain straight from the field to a central store