On 11th June, we held our annual LEAF Open Farm Sunday. Previously, we have held it in conjunction with Creaton in Bloom, however for 2023, we decided to branch out and hold it at our main farm in Brixworth.

During the run up to the event, there was a little uncertainty regarding the weather. It was meant to be a total washout, but thankfully the weather pulled through and it ended up being very warm. Maybe too warm!

We split our farm into two different areas. ‘The Yard’ held our Chafer sprayer, Fendt Challenger, Regenerative Agriculture area and our incredibly popular ‘Draw on the Wall’ activity! There was some drawings, but my favourite was definitely the picture of our Challenger!

We also had ‘The Field’, which had our picnic area, games, food outlets and our combine display. In the photo below, you can see our two Claas Lexion 780 combines, John Deere 6175R (Chaser bin on the back) and a brand new DAF XF 530, that Charles Jackson’s & Co kindly allowed us to have on display for the day.

We decided to set out our combine display in this way to try and create a more authentic, true harvest experience. It won’t be long until you’ll be able to see all our harvest equipment out in the fields again!

Alongside out static machinery displays and activities, we had two guided farm walks and maps to allow people to complete a self-guided walk. Children, during the guided walks, could collect the interesting things they found and stick them to card as a souvenir to take home. On the farm walk route, we dug two soil pits and had a butterfly area that was managed by Megan Whatty, from LEAF and Dave James, who is a Northamptonshire Butterfly Recorder.

We believe that Open Farm Sunday is all about connecting farming to our local community. Agriculture plays a vital role in ensuring our landscape, people and economy remains healthy and we love being able to demonstrate that in some way.

From the whole team at Brixworth Farming Company, we would like to say a massive thank you to the 511 of you that attended on the 11th, and an even bigger thank you to everyone who donated to our chosen charity, The Farm Safety Foundation. We raised over £200.

See you all next year!

-Jessica Cartwright
Open Farm Sunday Organiser.