Anglia Farmers November 2015 Newsletter LEAF Article

LEAF Article in Anglia Farmers Nov 2015 Newsletter

In the November 2015 Anglia Farmers Members’ Newsletter, Brixworth Farming’s MD, Charles Matts, explains why we applied for LEAF Marque certification.

Joining LEAF at a special rate through AF is a great way to showcase your environmental credentials while helping to run your business more efficiently. One member who is benefiting is 2015 Farmers Weekly Arable Farmer of the Year Finalist, Charles Matts.
Charles is Managing Director of Brixworth Farming, a contract farming joint venture between five farm businesses in Northamptonshire. Wheat, oilseed rape and beans are grown on 2,239ha of mainly heavy land.
Charles decided to join LEAF to add value to Brixworth Farming’s oilseed rape. This is grown on contract with ADM to make Hellmann’s mayonnaise, fetching a £15/t premium, worth £30,000 per year. Charles said: “ADM approached us to ask if we would consider becoming LEAF marque certified, to enable us to bid for a contract to grow the rape for their mayonnaise at a premium price, but only if we had the LEAF marque.” While Charles says that achieving LEAF certification requires a big effort, as well as an annual audit, he feels that it is worthwhile.

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