Arable Contracting
As a team of experienced farmers and farm managers, we offer a range of arable contracting services from specific operations to stubble-to-stubble packages or whole farm management. We operate precision farming techniques to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and our services include: - Tillage and cultivation - Variable rate fertiliser and lime applications - Crop spraying, Avadex & slug pellet applications - Harvesting
We work with our clients to ensure sound stewardship of the land we work, and we employ skilled staff who help us to minimise our impact on the natural environment. We use techniques such as cover cropping and applying organic manures and composts to improve soil health. We limit the use of pesticides and actively create natural habitats to encourage wildlife. Read more...

LEAF Marque
We are a LEAF Marque certified business and are audited annually against this environmental standard.
Brixworth Farming is a joint venture arable farm management and contracting company, based in Northamptonshire. We grow combinable crops to meet specific market requirements to deliver higher returns to our shareholder farming businesses and third party contracting clients. We make best use of precision farming and other scientific advances and agronomy to minimise unit costs of production and maximise the margin over these unit costs. Read more...

Red Tractor
We conform to the standards of the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Scheme for combinable crops and are audited annually.


We believe in long term stewardship of the land we farm as owner occupiers, tenants or as contractors. We respect the soils that we work and the wider environment.


Crops are grown where possible to meet specific market demands and attract value added premiums. For our shareholders and some of our clients we operate a crop pool, where crops are shared to manage the risk.


We put the needs of our people first, our customers and our staff. We have a small team of highly experienced operators supported by the directors, shareholders and seasonal staff.

Innovative Farming

Brixworth Farming is a dynamic, innovative and growing business. We achieve economies of scale by pooling skilled labour and machinery costs and employing common risk management and grain marketing strategies. We make best use of precision farming and other scientific advances in agronomy to minimise our unit costs of production while improving yields.

We help farmers and landowners to:

  • Increase yields
  • Increase profitability
  • Improve sustainability
  • Reduce risk

Sustainable Farming

Brixworth Farming is a LEAF Marque certified business, meeting the requirements of the LEAF standard system based on environmentally responsible farming principles which support farmers to produce good food, with care and to high environmental standards. The LEAF Marque is a highly respected international standard and is being increasingly demanded by major food producers who are seeking to be seen to be more environmentally responsible.


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